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Can you help?

Kieron Mansell

Missing since: April 1989

Age: 27

Height: 5’10” Muscular build

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

On his way home near Bourton Street and 63rd Ave in Queens, when he called a friend, concerned about a possible break-in. Foul play suspected.

If you have seen Kieron, please contact the NYPD.


Sophia Stewart

Age – 25

Eyes – Hazel

Hair – Brown

Height – 5’7″

Weight – 120 lbs

Last seen – November 20, 1989 in her Downtown New York office (Broadway and Cortlandt). Went for a break at approx. 5pm and never returned. Last seen wearing black, pinstripe suit pants and a teal blouse. Though she stated at the time she was dropping something off to be mailed and to pick up something to eat, it is highly suspected Sophia went to a theater uptown.

Please contact the NYPD with any information

Joshua Rossi


Male, white, 29 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, approximately 5’10”, 150 lbs. 

Last seen on November 24, 1989 at The Beacon Theater in Midtown, where he was performing, wearing black formal attire.

Please contact Detective Jones. 

Desperate Search for Missing NYC Baritone

Metro News

New York City, NY

Sunday, December  3, 1989

Joshua (Josh) Rossi — a baritone whose distinctive style of singing while playing the violin, captivated the classical community — has been missing for almost a month. The final moments anyone saw the singer have friends and family deeply concerned.

Security footage in a nearby parking garage shows a person — possibly Rossi —  helped by two women into a car without a license plate. Cryptic notes found at the performance hall suggested foul play.

Concerned parties have been plastering “Missing Person” flyers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and throughout the MTA.

“Things like this never end up well,” Joshua’s brother, Paul Rossi, told us, noting it was unusual not to hear from Josh for such a long time. “Every time I tape up another flyer, it hits me that people will see this and check around them and hope for the best, but realistically he’s probably already dead.”

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Joshua Rossi is urged to call the NYPD.Wanted

Missing Person


Ajay Kapoor

Nationality: Indian

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 171cm

Missing in New York City since August 4, 1990, between 2 and 3am.

Kapoor was last seen at Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was receiving emergency trauma treatment. During rounds, the nursing staff reported him gone from his bed. Kapoor is critically injured and in need of expert care.

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is urged to contact the Indian Consulate or the NYPD.

Reward will be offered.

“It’s Like Ajayji is Still With Us”: Imran Sharawat

StarFare magazine 

October 1997

Superstar Imran Sharawat says Ajay Kapoor’s spirit is still close by.

“I’m sad about this loss,” Imran says. “I miss him every day. But it’s like Ajayji is still with us. We still have hope that one day he’ll walk back through that door.”

An accident on set in August, 1990 left Kapoor in hospital, where doctors mistakenly pronounced the veteran actor dead. Our joy was short-lived when in the same month, Ajay disappeared. Missing for seven years, authorities have officially pronounced Kapoor dead once again, but the declaration does little to give the Indian film industry a sense of closure.

“I’m fortunate to have been able to work with him,” Imran continues. “He was a personal friend before he became famous, and we stayed close afterward. He was brilliant to work with.”




For information leading to the location and/or safe return of

Demetri Pallas

Age: 35

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 140lbs

Race: White

Gender: Male

Identifying Marks: None


Demetri Pallas was last seen on the afternoon of August 1st on Union Square West near East 17th Street at approximately 1:00 p.m. wearing a charcoal suit and white shirt.

Missing in New York City since August 1990

Contact the NYPD

Police Beat 

Wednesday, August 1, 1990

2:05pm: Police were dispatched to a residence when a neighbor reported a woman performing CPR on a man in her driveway. Upon arrival, the neighbor informed the responding officers that another man helped the woman carry the victim into her home. Officers report no one in the house in need of medical assistance.

2:30pm: Police were called to a residence where a person was trespassing without the owner’s permission. The person was removed from the premises, arrested, and booked into jail without incident.

3:15pm: Police were dispatched to a store parking lot for a fender bender between two customer vehicles. Officer assisted the drivers with exchanging information.

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